Plus: Linus Pauling, the NIH, and Vitamin C | What I'm currently using to minimize the effects of RF and EMF radiation and detox from heavy metal poisoning.
A pictorial ramble through my Spring projects
Clear the skies, part 2Watch now (3 min) | Adventures in ch3mbusting | What if we all put one one of these babies in our backyard?
Can you believe these people? The right wing extremists at CNBC are claiming we need airplanes that shoot trails of chemicals in the sky to stop global…
Clear the skies, part 1Watch now (2 min) | Clean energy solutions to apocalyptic problems. Why I got interested in the chemtrail conspiracy theory and what happened when I…
Hi there. I’ve been super busy in April. Things are popping! I’m excited to tell you more about it and show you some of what we’ve been creating. Which…
How the Matrix hooks you in to support global starvation and suffering. The Controllers exploit a loophole in Universal Law to gain your consent to be…
Prince tried to tell us in the 1990s.
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Exactly Where I'm At - DK Brainard