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Aug 3, 2022

Hi friend,

I’ve got two new podcasts I want to share with you. But first —

I really love this piece (Heart Beats). The video contains about half of the full piece, which is 19 minutes long. I’d love for you to jump right over to Cosmic Fire and download it. (I’ll spend your $5 donation immediately and with gratitude and gusto.) But I also wanted to share it with you and say thanks for being a subscriber.

Like most of the music I’ve made that I love the best, the core elements of this piece came together really quickly.

Phoenix used to do a lot of in-person energy work and healing sessions and — like many massage therapists and healers I’ve known — she consistently had trouble finding background music that wasn’t jarring or off-putting in some way. We’ve talked about making a record of good ambient music for healing practitioners but I’ve been so immersed in Auric Fields for the last 18 months that I didn’t really have the bandwidth to work on much else.

But I agreed to come up with an original soundscape for Phoenix’s True Love and Care meditation (our July download of the month). I’m usually on a tight deadline when I’m producing one these guided meditations and this one was no different. But I had such a healing experience while recording Phoenix’s voice on this one, I really wanted to create a soundscape that would support listeners in dropping into the heart-opening space she invites us into.

The soundscape I made for that meditation was the genesis for this piece and it kind of grabbed hold of me in July and wouldn’t let me go until I’d finished it. Hope it takes you to a peaceful, energized, and uplifted place in your own heart!

Podcast news

In the Cosmic Fire August Forecast pod I talk about the potential for a heightened “workers of the world unite” leading up to the August 11 full moon in Aquarius. This full moon chart is pretty epic, with the Sun in Leo opposing the Moon and Saturn in Aquarius and all of that making a t-square to Mars and Uranus in Taurus. But then as the moon wanes we get about 10 days with some really lovely, supportive astrology heading into Virgo season. Phoenix breaks down why this Leo season it’s particularly important to limit our navel-gazing and actually take action in the direction of our dreams. You can listen here:

Cosmic Fire Podcast Episode 38

And…Phoenix and I finally got around to making the mid-month podcast we’ve been threatening to do and it’s really great. Less focused on astrology and tools you can use to survive the Great Reset and more focused on having fun and uplifting our community. If you could use a dose of inspiration along with some moments of “astonishing weirdness” (thanks Khadyja!) and lots of laughs, you should check it out.

A fan of the pod was returning from a visit to a friend that turned into an unexpected downer. She texted us to say she was feeling pretty low when she got on the plane to return home but she listened to the podcast on her flight home and it put her into a totally different mindset. Another friend of the pod texted to say, “OMG! I love you two! I started laughing from 30 seconds into the podcast…”

Cosmic Fire Podcast Episode 37: B00M Where You’re Planted

Talk to you soon!