Apr 18 • 27M

Doctor D's Stream of Consciousness - Episode 2: Fearless

Finding the courage to act

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Midnight radio. Excursions on a theme, accompanied by original music, sound sculptures, experimental ambient forays. Spoken word, words spilling, spells breaking, hearts aching, love children, not forsaking beauty or the Muse.
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Red pills. PSYOPS. A world of monsters who can’t own property. What’s really going down in the Matrix is far crazier than you or I or anyone sane wants to believe. It’s enough to stop you in your tracks from time to time.

Or maybe I just needed to take some time away to immerse myself in Nature and learn how to construct a few practical remedies to the ecological-spiritual catastrophe the Controllers have unleashed upon the world?

Why was Moses so enraged at the Israelites when he came down from Mt. Sinai with the Ten Commandments? (What did “worshipping the golden calf” actually entail?)

For any literalists listening in, I’m not claiming that Elon Musk is a FTM trans person or that Grimes is confessing to being a man in “Kill V. Maim” — I’m just riffing. (I love that song and it’s clear in context that she is adopting the persona of a certain kind of man.)

But the rampant gender reassignment of children in the so-called “elite” families and the trans reality of many celebrities and famous politicos stands up to investigation.

To quote Prince, “You all saw the Matrix. There’s a war going on. The battlefield is in the mind. And the prize is the soul.”