Hi. I’m DK. I’m writing this newsletter partly to make sense of where I find myself (not where I was told I was) post-2020. And partly to inspire you to act on your — perhaps latent but nonetheless real — inner knowing that we came here at this time to reclaim our natural Rights to live free on the land and co-create a new world of peace, beauty, and abundance for all.

Who Do You Think You Are?

Ha! Good question. Worth asking yourself at least once a day. Pick one:

a) Grew up fundamentalist Christian in Flint, Michigan during the 1980s recession years. Got out when I was 17. Studied journalism and worked as a reporter outside Washington, DC. Quit that job to become a bicycle messenger. Hitchhiked from Scotland to Romania to write my first published piece as a freelance journalist. Went back to college, studied English and French literature, got a degree from the Sorbonne, and an M.A. in French. Started a rock band in Atlanta with my college friends, worked for Coca-Cola and some other big companies in my 20s. Got sober in my 30s and…you guessed it…became an astrologer! Wrote a popular horoscope column with readers on six continents and have made a living as a self-employed writer, astrologer, musician and counselor for the last 20 years.

b) Even as a child, I obsessively wanted to know - and tell - the truth. My mom still makes fun of me for the way I would answer the simplest question with long, self-examining answers and qualifications galore, trying to make sure I was being completely honest. I was also tormented by self-doubt from an early age. Growing up in a church that preached hellfire and damnation, I got saved hundreds and hundreds of times from the time I was five until I started drinking and drugging in my early 20s. What if I didn’t mean it when I asked Jesus to be my personal savior? What if I didn’t really repent of my sins? When I was 33 years old I quit drinking and decided I was going to be free. I devoted my life to learning how to heal childhood and epigenetic trauma and - while it took far longer than I expected or thought I could even stand - I made it to a place where I love my life, love my wife, and love my Self. My mind is a pretty great place to hang out. I’d like to share some of that goodness with you.

c) I was five years old the first time I remember feeling that thrill that shoots through your body like a jolt of electricity, like a bolt of lightning illuminating the entire landscape for a split second, showing you a vision of the world and it’s possibilities that had been previously covered in darkness. you never knew was out there. We were driving through the Kentucky hills at night, on our way home from somewhere in my dad’s Vega (CB handle: “the Green Hornet”). I was lying in the back seat with my head against the door, looking up at the stars and the telephone wires passing by and dad put on a local radio station playing bluegrass gospel music. The sound of those ladies singing seemed to come from far away, sweet and clear as the creek running over rocks at the back of the cow pasture on a hot summer day. Music, my Muse, my religion, my first true love…

What Are You Talking About?

My aim with this newsletter is to inspire you to believe in what you must know deep inside your heart, that we not only can realize the dream of an abundant, fair and beautiful world, but that our reason for being here now is to to assist in making it so.

And also, as the newsletter title says, I’m going to write about exactly where I’m at and what’s got me enthused in the present moment. As I talk about in my first post, I feel like I’ve always seen a different reality than most people, or perceived reality from a different angle.

My aim is to stay true to my inner vision regardless of which topic I seem to be writing about. Since I was a child, I’ve seen that the real world is NOT the depressing world of scarcity, war, oppression and dis-ease that is taught to us in our families, drilled into us in school, and woven into the 24/7 media soundtracks of our lives.

The real world is a place of freedom, beauty, abundance and healthy pleasure. The real world is right here, right now — waiting for us to take off the blurry 3D movie glasses they give to every soul that enters this theater. In anything I write, I do my best to keep one eye fixed on that reality and my heart set on affirming (making real) the boundless creativity and imaginal power that is our birthright as human beings.

How Much Does It Cost to Subscribe?

Dude. You can subscribe for FREE! Freakin’ Substack, amirite? Most of what I post here will probably remain available for “free-level” subscribers.

I’ll add some cool bonus content1 as we go along for paid subscribers but if you’re broke or just want to tune in before you drop $5/month into my tip jar, all you have to do is hit the Subscribe button, enter your email address and choose None as the amount. You can always upgrade later.

I don’t take government money and I don’t have a trust fund. My life has been incredibly rich in beauty, love, learning and adventure. But money definitely still helps keep food on the table, strings on the guitars, and gas in the tank for the next adventure.

So if you like my writing and you’ve got a few bucks to share, I will receive your support with much gratitude and glee. Just hit the Subscribe button, enter your email address and choose $5/month (or $50/year) as the amount.

Thanks for reading!


Some ideas I’m playing with for bonus subscriber content include:

  • Brainwave entrainment / hypnosis / sound healing MP3s

  • Courses I’ve taught on personal development, motivation, mindfulness, and completing creative projects

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DK Brainard
Free energy is real. Scarcity and lack are artificial. We live in a rare moment where we could blow the matrix wide open and create free and fair societies in a beautiful world. Are you ready?